Monday, January 31, 2011

Stitching Blizzard

I stitched tonight to attempt to keep my mind off of the weather we have coming in tomorrow.  Per the news reports we have the blizzard of the century hitting us dead on.  As we are on the south-east side of Kansas City they are predicting 24 - 28 inches.  I cannot stress how much I dislike snow and this winter is giving me more than our fair share although I think the Northeast part of the country is getting this after us and they have been hit pretty hard this winter also.

As far as stitching goes I have finally completed page 4 of my HAED Faery Tales.   This page had an incredible amount of confetti stitching but the end result is beautiful.  I love, love, love this project.  Unfortunetely I have to put it down for awhile so I can work on my gift pieces for my daughter's dance troupe.   After I finish 2 more of them I will pick this back up and start on page 5.

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