Monday, January 17, 2011

MLK Holiday

I am truly enjoying today off of work.  After a full weekend of football and running my youngest daughter back and forth to the dance studio several times I am feeling as if my house is getting away from me again.  I am determined to get all the laundry done today along with some spot cleaning (and of course some stitching also).  I have had a great week stitching as I have spent it entirely on my HAED Faery Tales.  I so love stitching on this and have a hard time putting it down when I have to rotate onto something else.  I have been working on page 4 (of 40) for the last 2 weeks and am very pleased with my progress.

In addition, I also got my daughter's Unicorn back from the framers.  I spent a long time debating which color matting to use and then found this wonderful frame that has some design in it.  I decided against a matting set as the pattern of the piece is so detailed that I did not want to distract from it at all.

I am going to continue on Faery Tales this week and also begin my 3rd copy of the Dance piece for Ashley's dance troupe.  Hopefully I will have all those done by July.



  1. Great stitching! I'm also working on Faery Tales. I started mine in the bottom right corner and I'm working up and over. I have a couple pages done but working from the end they are smaller pages.

  2. I love the frame for unicorn, the whole thing looks very nice! Congrats on the progress of Faery Tales!