Friday, January 7, 2011

First Posting for a New Year

Well, as my older daughter started a blog and was explaining how easy it was I decided that maybe I could do it to.  This will definitely be a work in progress as I get the hang of making it 'pretty'.  My goal is to have this be a stitching/update blog.  It hopefully will enable me to keep track of stitching 'stuff' as I move through the year.  First up are my stitching goals for 2011.  I have never actually had any yearly goals and thought that it might be fun to try to write some down and then see how I do throughout the year.  I am going to try to keep these simple and not overreach the first time.

1.  Complete 9 'Words to Live By' for Ashley's dance troupe
2.  Complete the first row of pages on my HAED 'Faery Tales'.
3.  Complete the first panel of the Sistine Chapel project.
4.  Work at least 3 days a month on Rocky Mountain Christmas
5.  Complete at least 3 more parts of Castles in the Air

Whew...I think I could come up with about 15 other goals to reach but I don't want to put so much on the list that I don't have a chance to complete it.  I am going to reserve the right to modify the list as the year goes on if I find I did not put enough on it.

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